Accueil Products - Produits Nouvelles Gallery - Photos Contact Our dealers - Distributeurs Legal notice - Mentions légales Welcome Your partner from Germany for the first class drill rigs   BBURG  Thanks to the synergy of  innovative ideas, up- to-date design and innovative corporate philosophy we offer You a competitive technical package which materializes in a great machine. In addition to the HD 700 and HD 900 Termite top hammer machines, covering hole  diameters from 64 mm up to 114 mm, we are diversifying our product range with a  down-the-hole model.  HD 1500D covers hole diameters up to 172 mm.  Our drill rigs  are characterized by superior drill performance, straight drill holes, good serviceability  and low cost per drill meter. Our aim is to facilitate work in quarries and at construction sites by reducing the  effective drill costs for our customers. Are you interested in getting advanced  equipment concept based on components of well known manufactures?  We are looking forward to your request. Challenge us! © BBURG International GmbH & Co. KG